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Whitney Myles (also known as Bluepawz or Blue) is a furry artist who lives in Louisiana, U.S.A.[1] Her fursona is a blue doberman.

Bluepawz was born with the mental problem known as ADHD. She began drawing at the age of three, and her artistic skills were mainly focused on animals — mostly dogs, dinosaurs, and wolves.

Bluepawz was introduced to the furry lifestyle at age ten. Feeling as though she was not truly human, she joined the furries in order to get away from the harsh moments of reality. Things turned out nicely for a while, but later her learning disability and indifference caused her to be kicked out of two middle schools. She was later told that her tormentors were "self-proclaimed Christians", causing her to have a hatred for anything that has to deal with Christianity. She is currently writing her 8th novel called Fire Dragon

Characters of Bluepawz[edit]


Named after the famous purple dragon, Spyro is Whitney's "imaginary friend" created from a plushie look alike that she still owns. He helps her calm down when she is angry or sad. The two have been friends since 1995. At that time he was just a personal item, but as she began to grow she gave him a personality of his own. She says that he is a 23 old assassin who sometimes has a tendency to enjoy his job a little too much. He is cannibalistic, but is also very kind and caring if in a good mood. He's about 7'2'' tall and married to a young feline named Katherine. Both were able to breed 2 children: their 3 year old son Zinni, and their 2 year old daughter Kari. It is also said that Spyro was born by the interspecies mating of a mammalian creature and parasitic amphibian creature, and as an egg was captured and genetically altered.

She also claims that his real parents were killed and that his adoptive father was a red deer named A.J, who was also killed five years later after Spyro's birth by his younger and possesd brother Maku.


Zaphod is a tall blue wolf. He has long, black hair and many piercings. His fur is mainly shades of sky blue, with royal blue "stockings". Four of his fingers are white while his thumbs are blue.

Zaphod can be rather sadistic towards others. All in all, Zaphod is almost normal except for his constant habit of getting badly beaten, or, sometimes, even killed. Strangely, he always pops up fine, as if nothing happened. This is a running gag with this character.


Sinbad is large blue wolf with sharp horns on top of his head. Standing up to about 5'4'' he is half the size of a human. His front legs are black and so are the markings on his face. His younger brother Zaboo is adopted, and of the same species.


also a character by artist/story writer bluepawz,he was origianlly named "robert" as a child before a necromancer spirit took over his body, when born, he only lived for 1 whole year before death of a flesh eating disease. when his "father" tried to escape from london, he was accidentlly cut by a tree branch. the scar never healed, causing a deadly parasite to infest his body and slowly eat him from the inside out.


maku is the name of the demonic necromancer that possesed roberts body after he died. no one accually knows what his true form is. and somehow, by using his magic kept roberts body alive, but devoured his soul. he desperatly wishes to kill spyro, for spyro is the only one who can stop him from overthrowing the earth. maku's hoard is filled with slaves. 90% are felines (cats are easier to manipulate)while only 60% are canines and then 10% are other animals such as pigs, goats, rabbits, wildebeasts, snakes etc. all are male.

breeding stock[edit]

his slaves also consists of women of many races and species. he uses them as breeding stock, keeping them locked up in a chamber in nothing but skimpy torn rags for clothing. his male slave have the privalge to mate with only one female if they have been "good". really loyal and violent slaves such as manfred get to mate with up to two women.

Other characters[edit]

  • Manfred
  • Zaboo

Fire Dragon is a novel written by young furry artist, bluepawz. it stars spyro, his wife, son and his friends.


the plot of the story is that spyro's wife is kidnapped by his brother who threatends to use her as breeding stock, and kill his son. it's up to spyro and his friends to stop him before it is too late.

Adult nature and rating[edit]

blue always rates her novels, and for this novel it will be rated R due to its violent nature. This is due to its continuous usage of violence and strong also contains sex and rape scenes, and even the bloody murders of young children.


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