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Makati's character reference by AcidGrunt

Makati (born May 1988) is a furry player and babyfur. Originally from the United Kingdom, he lives in Washington state in the USA. "Makati" can also refer to the name of his main character and fursona is an anthropomorphic smilodon cub. The name Makati is derived from the City of Makati, the financial capital of the Philippines where he spent a part of his childhood in the late-1990s as an expat.

Makati is also a fursuiter. His suit depicts a Jedi knight character (premised on a pun: "light-saber toothed-tiger"), and was constructed by Circa (HopHazard Studios).

In real-life, Makati is a software developer with research interests in robotics and computer vision.


  • 2002 - Makati became aware of the furry fandom through the ABDL community and deviantArt, though he did not identify with the community.
  • 2003 - After watching the 45-minute uncensored version of Plushies and Furries (as broadcast in the UK), Makti identified with furry. He created a panda cub character and joined FurNet IRC, becoming a regular in the #babyfurs, #softpaws and #northukfurs channels.
  • 2004 - Throughout 2004, he attended NorthernFurs furmeets.
  • 2005 - After growing uncomfortable with the rate at which furry's popularity was increasing, he left both the furry and ABDL online communities.
  • 2009 - After unintentionally encountering ABDL and furry content online and investigating further to see how the community had changed in four years, Makati reconnected with the ABDL community and attended the first ABDL munch in his university's city. He also befriended attending babyfurs, though did not re-identify with the babyfur or furry communities at this point.
  • 2012 - Makati moved to Washington state and connected with local ABDLs through FetLife.
  • 2013 (March) - While browsing Craigslist for potential ABDL playmates, Makati responded to an ad posted by a babyfur nearby and befriended the poster and his fellow babyfur housemate. A relationship soon ensued and his then-boyfriend re-introduced him into babyfur and furry-proper, including the creation of his smilodon character.
  • 2013 (September) - Makati attended RainFurrest 2013, his first furry convention attendance, albeit for only one day.
  • 2014 - Makati attended RainFurrest 2014 for the full four days with his Jedi knight-costumed smilodon fursuit.

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