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Mahyou Sendou (扇堂まひょう, also known as "遠山紅白 (Kouhaku Touyama)" or "遠山のPow (Touyama-no-Pow)") is a Japanese amateur comic/ manga artist and fursuiter. In the 1990s, Mahyou's own fursona was a female furdragon "Mahyodrago(まひょドラゴ)", and after changing his name Touyama, his fursona and fursuit is Suchiru (スチル), an anthropomorphic dog-like character.[1]


It is unknown when he started to publish doujinshis but it may the first half of the 1990s. Mahyou was one of the friends of En-neko, one of the pioneers of female Kemono doujin in the 1990s and contributed to En-neko's series of doujinshis "EkinoKokkusu (えきのこっくす, Echinococcus)" at least since 1998.[2]

Meanwhile in 1996, Mahyou launched a fansite of Japanese Science-Fiction Animation Gene Diver (ジーンダイバー) broadcasted in 1994.[3] Mahyou suggests that he published several doujinshis on it.[4]

In 1998 Mahyou launched a doujin circle KEMONERS with Nyajira and Harimogu Dragon and in 2000 established his own circle KEMONERS02.[5] Mahyou published the numerous joint-doujinshi on anthromorphic jujin (See the article KEMONERS02). Meanwhile Mahyou contributed to some joint-doujinshi in Wan-Nyan Club etc.[6]

After closing KEMONERS02 in January 2004,[7] Mahyou changed his penname to 遠山紅白 (Kouhaku Touyama) [8] and became the member of the doujin circle "Tamago Bakudan (たまごばく団)" under Karasu Mikazuki from 2007 to 2012. Mahyou/Touyama also contributed to many doujin circles like VORWERTS under Kitora in the whole 2000s and 2010s.[9][10]

In 2012 Mahyou launched the new doujin circle with FEN KEMONERS FORZA in 2012 and published Syldora vol.4.[11]


  8. The period of the use of each pennames "扇堂まひょう" and "遠山紅白" is overlapped from 2007 to 2012 and it is unknown in what condition he used whether.

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