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The Sisters of the Apocalypse. Magnus is in the center.

MagnusSerra (Or Magnus) is an anthro, real life, and fantasy artist originally from the Russian Federation.

MagnusSerra was natively born in the city of Krasnodar, Russia and moved to Krimsk, living near the Black Sea for 10 years of her life. At the week of her 10th birthday she moved to America. From there she lived in Connecticut for 3 years before moving to Florida. Her art career started 5 years ago with simplistic dragons and slowly drifted off into other areas of fantasy. Her style always changes, it never repeats and lasts only a week at the most. She mainly uses Digital Media to do her work but traditional is not a foggy subject. For the current time she still resides in Florida, U.S.A, and is the girlfriend of TheDrakkoid.


MagnusSerra- fursona, developed 3 years ago.

  • history: Magnus is a vampiric dragoness with a feral form of an Eastern Dragon. She is one of seven sisters, who all represent one element. (Guzzi:light, Magnus:air, Sierra:fire, Amphira:water, Mirr:earth, Ether:dark, and Arma:Ragnaroc,Armageddon,Apocalypse,Rapture) All the sisters are goddesses of their planet located in Alpha Centauri. Their father is Chaos, mother is Order who sacrificed herself to protect the planet. In his rage Chaos went insane and paranoid trying to kill his daughters to prevent them from succeeding him. The sisters scattered to safety and communicate telepathically. Being a vampire one would think Magnus struck gold when she ended up on Earth but she only drinks her own blood and on rare occasions those of others already dead. She currently is a Head Hunter for the paranormal community with hidden ties to the US military and Area 51. She will not reveal any details though due to the oat of silence. Her favorite passtimes are raves and testing out new ways to tweak fashion. She currently represents the real life Magnus physically and emotionally. All the sisters represent various emotions and moods but Magnus is the main one.
  • appearance: Magnus stands 5'8" with a very slim figure and lush curves. Her body is stormy gray with blue fades on her tail, feet, hands, and nose. She carries 4 sets of horns, the top two curving back in 's' shapes and the bottom two curving in forward 'c' shapes the bottom most one actually sticking forward. The horns are gold with black tips. Her eyes are shades of fire. Her hair is teal with a while bang and falls in an emo swoop. She has three fingers and two toes standing digitigrade. Her marks are scales that developed to be like glass and the glowing materia visible through them is her blood, her flesh inside is deep blue while her blood is glowing cyan. Her blood is actually living electricity. Her marks go as follows, 3 behind her eyes, 2 on her neck, 5 on her arms, 4 on her torso, 6 on her thighs, 4 lining the outside of her breasts, 5 curling down her legs, 3 on her wrists, 7 on her tail. She also sports two tattoos, one on her snout (two lines from her eyes to her nostrils and a 'v' shape) and the other on her back (a star with various tails sprouting from it). These tattoos were made with small punctures filled with glass to mimic her scales to show her blood. They glow constantly unless Magnus is unconscious or cannot focus her magnetic fields to gather electicity. At will she can generate four orbs from her back and her head. The head orbs float through magnetic fields and sprout a set of feelers that act like lightning rods and tazers. These feelers are also gray with blue faded tips. The back orbs sprout a pair of translucent black wings with fire colored primaries. Her body is covered in really fine soft fur that helps her channel the electicity. She floats at will using her own personal magnetic field she creates.

SilverDragon- old dragonsona, Russian version of that name used for DA account 'SerebrineyDrakon'

  • appearance: Stands about 52' tall and is quad at times or a biped. Dark blue with silver tiger stripes and a huge blade on the tail. Wings half feathers and half leathery hide. Long black mane and two horns that shot forward.

Other Used Characters (appear more than once)[edit]

  • Kurah: Swallow Tailed Kite Aerdros (anthro bird with wings for arms), cyan tipped feathers. (Link will change!)
  • Mourgh: A black stallion with neon green tipped hair and orange markings on his body.
  • Cord: A Clydsdale anthro Unicorn, female, midnight blue with teal hair and gold horn, various tattoos.
  • Hell: A shiny Charizard with torn horns. (Link will change!)
  • Mina: A gothic My Little Pony with a skull and crossbones and various tattoos, black with white hair and light blue wings.
  • Diego: Cross between a dolphin, bird, and mammal, various shades of blue.
  • Drake: Cross between cat, dog, and fox, creamy white with fire colors

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