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Magimals is a webcomic by Oren Otter, distributed by Pandora Comics, as well as a role-playing game.

The basic theme of Magimals began as a spoof on Battling Monsters games such as Pokémon and Digimon. in fact, the original idea was to be a comic depicting Oren's adventures as he played Pokemon. Nintendo, naturally, was not very receptive of the idea, so Oren, working with his nephew Xan the armadillo, created their own battling monsters system, calling it "Magimals" for "iMAGInary aniMALS". The main character was named Taji Sato in honor of Pokémon's creator, Satoshi Tajiri.

The game and comic became so much fun that they soon became a serious system in their own right.

The Background[edit]

Magimals is set in a reality similar to that of Otter Island or Journey to the Bottom of the Multiverse. In it, the multiverse is divided into several parallel universes.

The story starts millenia ago, when powerful creatures called titans roamed the multiverse freely. Innocent at first, their territotial battles soon began to decimate entire worlds. This was a major annoyance to the faeries who were beginning their exploration of the multiverse. In response, Oberon, King of the Faeries had the titans rounded up and locked away in different dimensions in groups of twenty.

In one particular universe, the titans settled in out of necessity, and the world around them was soon permeated with the ambient energies which their cosmically charged bodies released. Many years later, humans arrived in this dimension and colonized it. The animals quickly began to mutate, aligning with the elemental energies of the titans. Plants often did the same, becoming animate beings. even rocks, artificial objects and pieces of trash began to eveolve into life forms.

Since then, the world has divided into four nations: Wunno, Tyuwo, Threen and the Foro Islands. Each has approximately 200 varieties of magimal, including 100 unique species, for a total of 500 different kinds.

Each magimal conforms to one of twenty different elemental types, these being earth, fire, air, water, metal, sonic, lightning, wood, chemical, crystal, dream, space, ancient, fairy, brute, plain, yin, yang, junk and plastic.

The Games[edit]

The magimals RPG consists of five modules, the first four based on the four nations and the fifth a secret yet to be released.* The card game allows players to battle one another using magimal cards they have collected, as well as special items, foods, techniques and characters from the comic.

  • At the time this article is being written, the RPG modules 1-4 are not yet available to the public.

The Comic[edit]

Magimals season one follows Taji Sato and his faithful companion, Dolby the Tweeter as they travel around the land of Wunno attempting to collect research specemins for zoologist Ephraim Sycamore. During his travels, Taji faces off against the occultic group known as Team Gerbil, as well as more pleasant characters such as Helga the groomer, Harv the treasure Hunter, Fleas the species dysphoric and Jinki, who claims to be from a parallel dimension.

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