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Mageworld is a Dungeon Siege Siegelet created by Jim Farris (aka Xaa) the SF/fantasy author. In the game, the player is a female who has been brought to Shantranj, a chess-like world, transformed[1] into a white humanoid horse (as the white Knight piece). The player must fight the enemy while going across the land via. airships, ultimately destroying the Wizard Kings and freeing the people from the Warlands..

Furry bits of this game include:

  • Anthropomorphic horse (Knight)
  • Anthropomorphic fox (Demon)
  • Anthropomorphic cow
  • Anthropomorphic gazelle (Variation of Knight)


A thousand years ago before the setting, the Eastern Empire was attacked and conquered by the Wizard Kings. For the thousand years that came after, "Wizard Kings have battled each other for supremacy over The Land"[2]. The Wizard Kings fought in the realm of their own [1]". The Wizard Kings forcibly summoned the people from the Land to attack the enemy Wizard Kings. The main character is one of the people from the Land who were summoned to the Warlands to fight.

Main Characters[edit]

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Pooka: She was a greatest tinker and inventor back in the Land.[1]. She one day became a knight, possibly due to her fame, attracting attention from the Wizard-Kings. Everyone in the town was then suspicious and wary of her, including her husband, John. He would not even hug her anymore[1] In the Warlands, she met a Pawn named Mantri, who first gave her a name 'Pooka' (Note that, whatever the player writes for her name, it will never be mentioned in the game, and it will be always replaced with this name).

Mantri: He is a White Pawn. He guides Pooka through the Warlands ever since she came, teaching her of the ways of the Warlands and its history.

John: He is the husband of Pooka, though he did not seem to like what she became, proving that he may only liked the outside of her and did not care for the inside.


The Demon character appears to be credited to Scott Ruggels.


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