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Made Fur You is a custom costume and fursuit-making company featuring the work of Syber, originally located in the Tampa Bay Area, Florida, USA, but is now operating from Fergus, Ontario in Canada as of October 2019.[1]

Products and services[edit]

Made Fur You photoshoot at Midwest FurFest 2013
Post-photoshoot promo video of Made Fur You costumes

Made Fur You specializes in hand made animal and fantasy costumes. According to the company, each suit takes three to seven days to create "from scratch", with an output of four to seven a month, and a waiting list of about six to seven months.[citation needed] The company sells plantigrade and digitigrade full suits (for which a duct tape dummy is required), partial suits, and individual parts.[2]

Made Fur You accepts domestic and international[3] orders from those 18 or older; parents or legal guardians may place orders for younger individuals.[1]


While used by Syber as a trade name since March 2010,[4] the first official instance of Made Fur You was formed as an LLC in Arizona in March 2011, with Balto Woof as a manager and Syber as a member.[5] In July 2012, Made Fur You INC was registered on Syber's behalf in Florida, listing her as the sole officer.[6] In December 2013, a new Made Fur You LLC was registered in Florida, with Syber and Domino Wuff as managing members.[7]

From January 2018 until 2019, Made Fur You INC was listed in Florida with Syber as the sole officer and managing member. [8].

Made Fur You moved their operations up north to Canada in 2019.[9]

Company representatives regularly attend Midwest FurFest, Furry Weekend Atlanta, Rainfurrest and Megaplex.


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