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In Kelvin the Lion's Macropod Madness webcomic, Macropodia is the isle-nation to a mostly-kangaroo population. Very unique, a whole lot happens on an everyday basis, and there is never a dull moment, especially when it comes to any battles of white and black magic, or science. Jenna, Jacky, Orange, and all the rest of their friends will never forget the news-special they saw on TV when the Emperor made that blessing nation-symbol announcement.

The honourable Emperor Of Macropodia is the ruler of the mostly-kangaroo isle-nation, in Macropod Madness, by Kelvin the Lion. Being of noble blood, he had the privilege of giving the blessing to found the nation, upon the discovery and history symbol.

His royal highness was last seen greeting Jenna, Jacky, and the others of heroes for saving Macropodia from a horrific black magic fate. The Emperor is most grateful for his most honourable of 'roo-citizens fighting to keep their land, like any heritage.

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