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Macropod Madness is a furry webcomics by Kelvin the Lion.


Its setting is in the mostly-kangaroo-populated isle-nation of Macropodia. All together, these 'roos and other fellow creatures find themselves in a series of adventures, especially as black magic, and white magic, and science too, constantly clash! Though, when Kelvin kicked off this comic, it was intended to be like a not-so-serious soap opera, as he once described. Since then, Macropod Madness has significantly evolved into a series of adventure.

The cast includes Jenna Grape, Jacky Mango, Orange Orange, Valeigha Iogori, S.K. Roodriver, Tree Ninja, their families and many others. As the comic series progresed with bizarre adventures of our so-called heroes facing black-magic-like beasts, villains would include Andrea the dingo, and the zombie-like Xoxios Lan. Nevertheless, with all these 'roo characters, there's never a dull moment standing on one *hoppy* big toe.

Story arcs[edit]

In one Valentine's storyline of Macropod Madness, Cupid School is one place in which Orange, Gorobo, and Concord went to. Together they were taught through by a Cupid Raccoon.

Being another cool babyfur experiment for Kelvin the Lion, this school had even all the physical works to make a cupid out of anyone. How so? Each newcoming recruit was put through a factory environment where they would be baby-powdered and diapered!! Afterwards, it would be class-time.

As a result, Concord would be a quitting sour grape, as he has (in the words of Fat Albert's fellow Cosby Kids) no class. Gorobo would end up a bachelor, still. But Orange would prove herself a swell cupidess.


The comic concluded its run in 2009, and is now a completed story.

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