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Attack of the 50 Foot Woman movie poster
A macrofur. Art by Doug Winger

Macrophilia is the term used to describe the fascination (sexual or not) involving giants, most commonly involving giantesses (human female giants), as well as giant props.


Macrophilia (to mean "lover of large") is referred to in mainstream online communities as macro fetish or GTS fetish (an abbreviation for "giantess"), and sometimes the backronym, giant tiny sex.

Macrophilia is not to be confused with "large characters" (i.e Rubeus Hagrid [Harry Potter] or Marvel's The Hulk), mechanical in nature (WB's The Iron Giant), nor non-human biological giants (King Kong, Godzilla).


It is typically believed that macrophilia is an exclusive male fantasy, with the male playing the smaller part; however, people with any background can have it. When the more minor part is male, they may be depicted as entering, being dominated by, or being eaten by the larger woman. Generally, depictions range from sexually explicit actions to non-sexual interactions while still providing sexual stimulation for those with the fantasy.

in the context of a sexual fantasy, it is used to denote attraction to beings larger than themselves. Generally, the interest differs between macrophiles and depends on gender and sexual orientation. Macrophiles often enjoy feeling small and being abused, degraded, dominated, or eaten, and often view the much taller being as powerful and dominating.

Female macrophiles are less common than their male counterparts.

Giants in mainstream culture[edit]

Macrophilia and furry[edit]

Macrophilia is one of the top interests and sex paraphilias in the furry fandom (not to be confused with sizeplay), with its opposite being microphilia, which is an attraction to micro characters. The characters involved are normally called macros or macrofurs, less commonly as furry giants/furry giantesses, or just plain giants.

Other paraphilias are common with some macrophilia media and literature, including vore, weight gain, hypertrophilia, Inflation, or pregnancy, as well as stomping minor characters and city damage/utter destruction.


Originally, one of the best-known older sites dedicated to macrophilia was, while other sites included Temdant's Macro Furry and Animal in Media Page, a website of macro transformations in the media, and The Giants' Club, a hangout and archive of macro stories.

But now macros can be found in most modern archives such as DeviantArt, Fur Affinity, InkBunny, SoFurry, Weasyl, etc., and social sites like Twitter, Discord, Telegram, et al.


Noted macrophile furry artists and story writers include such people as Kenneth Sample, Lisa Jennings, Wolfkidd, Rogue, Kolt, Gideon, Brahma, Timbawulf, Doug Winger (until his passing), SusanDeer, Bennie, Jolly Jack, Chaswari, Ducky, Astor, Viggen, Temdant, among others.

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