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Mac Hall, opened in 2000 by artist Ian McConville and writer Matt Boyd, is as much parody as it is an exaggerated web log. The name is taken from MacDonald Hall at Bowling Green State University, where the authors resided about the time the comic started. The webcomic follows the authors and their friends through college, employment, gaming, and much slacking. Each comic features a journal entry from the authors, typically filled with links to interesting news, other comics, and tales of absurd American politics. Suitable for teen audiences due to language, depictions of the Elder Ones, and the random screaming of sexual epithets.

While Mac Hall is not necessarily a dedicated furry comic, it does have a fair furry following, due to its relevant nature to college-age furry gamers, as well as Ian's moogles, which have a more human-like appearance and are the basis for some of his mods. McConville is an avid comic/anime/game congoer and has reported being repeatedly approached with requests for moogle porn (for sketchbooks littered with pages of furry erotica, no less). Digimon porn has also become a true-story running joke.

Mac Hall is the source of Ian's MOG*MOD for Morrowind, chronicled in this comic.

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