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Every MUCK features a say program, closely related to the pose program. Say is a command accepting text to be printed for others.

For example:
say Hello there.
HawkGirl says, "Hello there."

Usually, a single quotation mark (") is sufficient:
"I like wee mice.
HawkGirl says, "I like wee mice."

Many MUCKs also allow the user to change the verb, so their character will squeak, caw, yap, etc. Some MUCKs also support a special double-comma modifier that reformats the say for variety:

"Hmm,,this ain't half bad.
"Hmm," says HawkGirl, "this ain't half bad."

On HLM, there is also a sya program, which pokes fun at people making the typo by rearranging the words typed:
sya You wouldn't believe how much I've had to drunk.
HawkGirl says, "Believe how I've drunk you wouldn't much to."

HLM used to append "Moo." to every say done with a single quote rather than a double quote, but people became upset and flew into a panic when they found themselves saying the unexpected.
'I like intelligent women.
Midway says, "I like intelligent women. Moo."
"What the hell!
Midway says, "What the hell!"

If the MUCK uses a MUF program (rather than the server's inbuilt command) for say, various sayfilters may be used that change the typed text in some way.

Some MUCKs have a way to speak out of character (OOC say). Depending on the MUCK, the command for this is either the double quotation mark ("") or the command ooc. What is said out of character is not considered relevant to the current role-play.