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My Little Pony unicorn, Windy, from 1983.

My Little Pony is a commercial brand by Hasbro.

My Little Pony was first produced from 1982 to 1992. They were relaunched with a different look in 1997, 2003 (these ponies are distinctly modern but retain the style of the original eighties line), and 2010, as My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

The original My Little Pony toys included unicorn and Pegasus ponies as well as the standard "earth ponies", along with a huge range of colors, symbols, and body-types. There were also larger, Clydesdale-style male ponies ("Big Brothers" in North America, "Mountain Boys" in Europe). The entirely-female modern line includes Pegasus ponies and, as of 2006, two unicorns.

My Little Pony original characters of note include:

My Little Pony and furry[edit]

My Little Pony was already fairly popular among some members of the furry fandom prior to surge in popularity that resulted from the "Friendship Is Magic" series. Among the artists in this category are Frisket, HavocFox, Mayra Boyle, Tserisa, Whippetluv, and Doug Winger. Others make custom sculptures.[1]

My Little Pony MUSH ran from 2004 (with a long stretch of downtime) to 2005, and had a significant furry presence among its players.

The brony fandom and furry[edit]

In regard to the 2010 version (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) the creators of the show have reciprocated the feelings of the brony fandom, referencing bronies and pegasisters in the Equestria Girls promo and even marketing directly to the adult demographic[2]. Probably the most significant call out came in the canonisation of the character Derpy, whose name and personality was collectively created by the fandom. Other fan names have become canon outside of the TV show such as the name Lyra being adopted in the toy line.[3] Derpy - along with other fan favourites Doctor Whooves, Octavia, Carrot Top, Berry Punch, Colgate, Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon-3, Lyra and Bon-Bon - appeared on the poster distributed at Comic Con 2011.

The brony fandom has a significant crossover with the furry fandom. According to the 2014 State of the Herd Report[4], 21% of bronies consider themselves furries as well. Many furry artists have branched into pony art, and several of the brony fandom's celebrities are or have been involved in the furry fandom in the past.

Many things familiar to furries have equivalents in the brony fandom:

  • An extremely active art scene - one of the best-known and most active image boards is Derpibooru.
  • Costuming - ranging from simple earbands and tails to full My Little Pony-style fursuits.
  • Meetups - similar to furmeets, and varying from casual get-togethers to gatherings of hundreds of people.
  • Conventions - many take place every year, all over the world.
  • Avatars - like fursonas, many bronies have a ponysona to represent them in the fandom.
  • Vocabulary - like the furspeech of the furry fandom (or indeed, most fandoms) a vocabulary of fandom-specific words exists. Some of the terms are taken directly from the show, such as "anypony" (anybody), or "fillies and gentlecolts" (ladies and gentlemen). Others derive from memes (for example: 'plot' to mean a pony's backside).
  • An adult scene. Sexuality is explored in the brony fandom as freely as in the furry fandom, and some aspects of the vocabulary reflect this: most notably, "clop" being the brony equivalent of yiff, which is also used as a euphemism for adult material. [5].
  • Trolls - sometimes nicknamed 'parasprites' in the brony fandom.
  • A writing community, mostly organised on Fimfiction, with a few also using
  • Roleplay - this generally takes place on forums and IRC.
  • News sites - Equestria Daily is the biggest and most active.

There are also a few differences between the scenes:

  • A heavier emphasis on music. Although there are a number of furry musicians, the brony fandom's musical output is comparatively more popular among members of the fandom, and music is regarded as important as visual art by most. There are a large number of brony musicians who create new music and remixes regularly, often releasing entire albums. The most popular brony song as of 2014 is The Living Tombstone's Discord remix, which has more than ten million views on YouTube.[6]
  • Cosplay (that is, specifically costuming as canon characters) is more widespread, as the show contains a very large number of characters.
  • Younger demographic - the brony fandom's age demographic is skewed well toward youth, with a large proportion in their teens or even younger. As a result, there are efforts to keep the fandom child-friendly and to segregate the adult and non-adult sides. Many of the major conventions are family-friendly, and encourage children and parents.

In 2014, Lee Tockar, a voice actor on the show, was a Guest of Honor at Anthrocon 2014.[7]

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