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MC Skat Kat is an animated anthropomorphic cat character and fictional rapper who appeared in American singer Paula Abdul's 1989 music video for Opposites Attract, in the album Forever Your Girl, published by Virgin. The music video is noted primarily for both its early fusion of live-action and animation elements and its creation of a fictional musician.

The character was designed and created by American animator Michael Patterson and voiced by The Wild Pair duo of Bruce DeShazer and Marv Gunn on "Opposites Attract", later by Derrick Stevens in the MC Skat Kat Solo album effort.

Additional appearances[edit]

MC Skat Kat would later appear on the album The Adventures of MC Skat Kat and the Stray Mob, as well as the "Skat Strut" music video, and the "Big Time" music video, respectively.

In 1991, he appeared in an all-star recycling PSA called "Yakety Yak, Take It Back", which featured appearances by numerous celebrities, along with Bugs Bunny, Melba Moore as both herself, and the voice of Tibi the Take it Back Butterfly, and Dr. John as both himself, and the voice of Yakety Yak.[who?] It didn't recieved heavy play, with the PSA only being aired once (on Nickelodeon in 1995) before being released on video shortly afterward.

In 2003, MC Skat Kat made a cameo appearance in the Warner Bros. live action/animated film, "Looney Tunes: Back in Action", in which he is having lunch at the Warner Bros. Studios Commissary with Yakety Yak, and Paula Abdul, whom he is upset and angry at her for doing some work as a judge in the "American Idol" television show, and then threatens to scratch her face if she doesn't return to the world of singing and dancing in future music videos with him, along with her days of "music video show business", even if she doesn't sing and dance with him.

On February 29, 2016, MC Skat Kat later appeared in the television animated series, American Dad!, season 13's sixth episode Kiss Kiss Cam Cam.

MC Skat Kat makes a cameo appearance alongside Paula Abdul in the 2022 animated feature film Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers.

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