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L.Z.Z. Littlething's fursona

L.Z.Z. Littlething, also known as Lzz or Lz (born 3 May 1986[1]) is a male gay fox who lives in Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada.[1]

Lzz was obsessed with the Nickelodeon show Invader Zim, so he painted his fur lime-green. The word "temptation" appears in German on his chest.

Second Life[edit]

Lzz used to be an avid Second Life player, co-creating the club The Foxes Den with Shaden Blackburn. After some differences with Shaden, he met with Zakk Jigsaw, which who he opened Zakk's Furry Nightclub. He used to hang out at Center of Gravity, a sim owned and operated by Matti Deigan. However, Linden Labs later permanently suspended his account over a dispute, and he became disillusioned with the game.

Before the suspension, the Foxes Den was moved to Larkspur Island before being dissolved.


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