Lynn Tallyn

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Lynn "Bluberry" Tallyn is a 'fruitskunk'. He is one of the few fruitskunks on FurNet, another being Swane, his sister.


Lynn "Bluberry" Tallyn is an intersexed ( Sometimes called cunnyboi ) five foot, three inch, slender, but girlishly rounded, skunk... His arms and legs, torso and neck, all share a blend of dodger and azure blue. His rump being more of a heart than a pear shape, but is neither. His belly, chest, and thighs are alice blue, as is a large portion of his hair. Two lines of Synthetic Ultramarine laden his front, they slide in from his hips, then move up his belly, and stop at his chest, where they curve around his pectorals, making semicircles. On his backside, the lines curve along his rump, then jump up a bit, and follow down his tail, angling at a forty degree angle near the tip and converging as a V. His hair covers his right eye fully, in most cases, and is mostly alice blue.... There is a strand that has been bleached navy, and it is slightly shorter than the rest, on the left side. On the back, his hair spikes outward, and flows down to about the middle of his back. His shoulders have crosses that widen in the center, almost like scars, they are also Ultramarine, and another line of Ultramarine on the bridge of his muzzle where glasses would sit. He smells and tastes of his namesake. His shoulders have x shaped crosses with each limb on the cross coming to a point, though his right shoulder has a seam encircling it, and half of the cross that is on the side of his arm looks a bit skewed. He has a small metallic-pink bellybutton ring. And an inverted male symbol earring in his right ear.


He wears thigh length, white pearl colored, sheer socks. With teal colored undergarments with metallic grey lining. He has shin length blue boots, with a silver-grey stripe up the front and back side, with soot black straps across the top. He wears baggy black jeans with maroon section on the outer sides, leading down from his hips and coming to a rounded point at the side of his knees. At the outer side of his shins, two light blue straps hang down on each pant-leg. There are hip pockets sealed off with what appears be a handle-less zipper. He wears a tight black halter/tank-top with a purple vest jacket, that has triangular points on the bottom front, and an upward semicircle on the bottom back It has a pocket on the chest, on each side. He wears a skirt/apron that hangs down on his right side, emblazoned with a flaming blueberry, wrench, screwdriver crossbones emblem. He wears chic, black fingerless gloves, and a turquoise bracer on his right wrist, with a section sliding around between his thumb and forefinger. It has a small bright white screen on it, up nearest to the elbow. He sports a pair of goggles with a dark blue visor that is custom fitted to his face, so it sits comfortably on his muzzle, and over his eyes, with small headphones that can can extend and retract out of them. He has a small, liquid silver colored chain wrapped firmly around his neck. And a light grey belt, with two puches on the side, and a hook near the front with a small ball that has a cross sectioned design on the surface, with small circles instead of intersections.