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Lymril. Art by Dark Ice Wolf.

Lymril, formerly known as Limryl, Lymril Dancling[1][2] and Keershang Silverfields,[3] is a furry fan who lives in the USA.[1]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Lymril first appeared as Keershang on the #Furry channel on YiffNet in late January, 1996, and was given IRC operator status on the Lupine server in December of the same year.

In January 1999 she began using the handle Limryl as an occasional alternate character to Keershang, changing the spelling to Lymril the following February. It was as "Lymril" that she first opened the #SoftPaws IRC channel on the YiffNet server in September of 2000. Lymril served as an IRCop on YiffNet until it was dissolved in November, 2001.

When Hurga brought FurNet online to replace YiffNet, Lymril was given IRCops on Yiffnet's Panther server. In March 2004, Anthrochat split off from FurNet, and most of #furry's users elected to join Anthrochat. Lymril elected to keep #SoftPaws on FurNet where it became established as one of the most popular channels.[citation needed]

On IRC, Lymril is most active with personal friends via Furnet's Private Message function than on channel.


Lymril's former "Keershang" fursona was a tribal white wolf[3] who was often brash, confrontational, and frequently engaged in role-playing.

Lymril's current fursona is a linsang exotic dancer.[4]


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