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Sample video of Lyman fursuit: video name "LymanSki [3] Ylläs + Levi"
Sample video of Lyman in white, grey and black partial-fursuit: video name "Messilä pörröilyä mäessä 2012"

Lyman is a fursuiter in Finland.[1] His main fursona is green, white and red snow leopard named Lyman.[2]

He has uploaded videos to YouTube of himself fursuiting on skis and snowboard. He also uploaded a video of himself snowkiting, probably not in fursuit.[3]

Lyman's fursuits are:

  • a (partial?) fursuit named Lyman[2] of a snow leopard with fur that is green with red Rosettes on tail and with patches of white fur.
  • an unnamed[2] partial-fursuit with fur that is white, grey and black with Heterochromia iridum eyes (right eye different colour from left eye)


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