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Lychee is the online moniker used by an artist based in the north-west coast region of the U.S., currently in The Pacific Northwest.

Previously known as LycheeDragon, and now sometimes LycheeMonster, Lychee is an artist and performer in the fandom.

They have been drawing for most of their life through school as well as outside of structured education. They engage with the arts in most forms: making and performing music, creating videos, illustrating, animating, and dancing. Their non-illustration works collectively are outnumbered by their drawings, which can be found on Fur Affinity and Weasyl.

Lychee is expressively gender-fluid, an sometimes genderless, genderqueer or simply queer.


Lychee as a persona has evolved over the years to the point where the creature originally used as a fursona now has a character of its own, named Budu. Beginning as a red and gold dragon often with blue accents, the persona has evolved. Stages with more canid-like features showing through have progressed until Lychee was now less of a dragon and more of an undefined terrestrial being, much like the ancient Chinese dragon legend, where the first emperor invented an animal that took parts of the animals from each warring state. The Chinese dragon as a base design began to bother Lychee, who was not of Chinese ethnic or cultural origin, and they soon distanced themselves from the idea. The next change heralded the main component of Lychee becoming heavily hyena-influenced, lending to the one-liner description often used: 'an undefined hyena monster'. Fangs and tusks often adorn the creature, as well as varying horn types. The horns are reflective of the artists current emotional state, although the ambiguous semiotics provide a visual poetry more than any clue. As the character became a shapeshifter, their fur coat pattern stopped changing shapes as much, and the design is much clearer: a monster that some would call a dragon, with hyena face, bat nose and ears, horns, monster hands, boar tusks and feet, and a long opposable tail curled up like a chameleon crossed with a snake. A name was given sometime around 2018 to the fursona behind the screen name: Budu.

The artist however has a few other characters that take turns as personas, or fall into roles for the creator as 'mini-personas', which are the bull terrier, red wolf, coyote, raccoon, crow, puma, goat, snake and white-tailed kite.


Lychee is a genderfluid young twenty-something who grew up with Warriors Cats, Mondo Mini-shows, Newgrounds, Redwall, Albinoblacksheep, Neil Ciccerega, and Pokemon as being huge influences on media and anthropomorphism. They were born and raised to the tender age of 18 before they went to Portland for 2 years of college that needed a change for 3 more years of college back in Washington. They are currently building their career making art, videos, and streaming.


Currently Lychee is creating their projects and original work under the label The Major Arcanum. They are attempting to further their work and influence, as well as open a broader range of ideas and subjects. It is not clear how furry will fall under this studio identity. Perhaps as individual projects.

They are still taking commissions alongside their projects.


Lychee mostly interacts with furs through Twitter, Fur Affinity, non-furry social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and rarely visits or contributes to other sites.

You can tune in to their broadcast on both streaming services the use: Twitch for most everything, and Picarto for more niche projects.

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