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LvivFurrence 2017 mascot
LvivFur 2018 mascot
LvivFur 2019 mascot
LvivFur 2019

LvivFur (initially LvivFurrence - Львівфуренція) is a furry convention held in Lviv Oblast, Ukraine. While primarily attracting Ukraininan-speaking locals, the event has also attracted visitors from Russia, the UK, and Belgium.

Prior meets[edit]

There appear to have been prior furmeets in Lviv in 2015 and 2016, involving walks with ten or so furries and one to three fursuiters.[1]


LvivFurrence 2017 was held 20-23 July 2017 at the "Chotyry Pidkovy" motel in the village of Pidberiztsi, Pustomyty Raion.[2] There were 28 pre-registered members,[3] and at least three fursuiters.[4] The convention mascot was a green hawk.


LvivFur 2018 was held 19-22 July 2018 at the "Helikon" hotel in Zapytiv, Kamianka-Buzka Raion.[5] There were 37 pre-registered members.[6] A dealer's den, BBQ, disco and movie night were planned. The mascot was lioness Into, by artist Coinn.[7]


LvivFur 2019's chosen mascot is Saito, which appears to be a white tiger (or possibly a liger) with dark red stripes, red/blue hetrochromic eyes, and a pink heart on his thigh.[8]

WUFF 2019 was deferred to 2020 due to national safety concerns; and as late as March it was not clear whether LvivFur would be postponed as well. However, on 4 April it was announced that LvivFur 2019 would take place 18-21 July, at the Hotel "Mirage" in Sudova Vyshnia.[9]


As of 2018, the founder and lead organizer was Green Lion (ru), while his deputy ("right paw") was Persius. Ulfrun was listed as commandant, and Ksanshie as a consultant.[10]

See also[edit]

  • Kharcon - a similar event in Kharkiv
  • WUFF - originated from FurMeet New Year in Lviv


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