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The Lutrai Isle is an area in Tapestries MUCK built by Chitter Nodrey. Its theme is a Rym-style village, as designed originally by Ollie Canal, and made with permission from the original artist. This area used to be connected to Aquaphile Island, and is while it is technically a private area, its annual event is wizard-sanctioned.

The Isle is currently unlinked from the rest of Layleaux; it may ultimately be linked to the Chehon region.[1] There is a teleport pattern in the village itself, but a player must navigate there first to learn it (t #Learn).


The Isle is meant for tribal-style play, mainly for the lutrai tribe on the MUCK. It's largest annual event is a three-day celebration of life called Kitseve, again loosely based on Ollie Canal's works. During mid-October yearly, this roleplaying event spans an entire weekend, with a large gathering of players and their characters who consume Koki ("Zoom"), an alcoholic and beverage composed largely of fermented honey, sweet herbs and milk, and laced with narcotic nectar of carnivorous plants. Participants are marked as honorary lutrai with a fur-dye symbol. The highest to date for this yearly event to attend was in the upper 200s. As of 2008, Chitter had been officially running this event for over ten years.


The Isle is largely covered in forest/jungle, apart from Greybump- an extinct volcano with a mud-filled caldera containing a lake-sized mud bath of clay, named 'the Goddess' Vagina' due to lewd reasons. There are roundhouses and tidehouses for player homes, a shaman's hut, and a pool for the healers. there is also supposed to be a lagoon that will eventually be the arrival point from Chehon.


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