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Lurdanjo "Danji" Mistaro is the primary furry fandom persona of Wayne Charron, a creative worldbuilder and interactive media designer originally from Connecticut but since moved to Maryland. He is probably best known for the creative world of "The MERVAS Directive", his YouTube channels "Infinitos Entertainment" and "The Skeptical Burger Show", and his new media entertainment company, InFiniTos Studios.

About The Character[edit]

Lurdanjo badge by Scully Raptor

Lurdanjo Mistaro, also known affectionately as "Danji", is a commonly roleplayed avatar of Wayne's. Lurdanjo is a red draconid recognized by his medium length rounded muzzle, felinoid ears, medium length straight black hair and chin goatee, and otherwise extremely casual clothing such as tee shirts and jeans.

Lurdanjo is known for being cute and shy at some moments, and brash and outspoken in other moments. Despite being small and thin, he has a very dominant personality and tends to know what he wants and how to get it. He is also extremely technophilic and loves the concept of relationships with non-human (including organic furries) entities, such as benevolent androids or aliens.

About The Player[edit]

Wayne no longer considers himself a full member of the furry fandom, although he still participates in it with personal works, attending conventions, and being the manager and agent to furry artist Libra-11. He likes to concentrate on ideas that are outside of the box but easy to understand (so as to not be pretentious), figuring out ways to use the concepts of the fandom as well as the psychology of interpersonal relationships and their implications to create compelling fiction. His stories tend to begin involving no more than a small handful of characters at a time, concentrating on intimate interactions before moving on to larger sociopolitical issues and finally expanding on massive worlds. Themes of his stories include what it means to be "human", psychological implications both pleasing and horrifying, and "earning" a happy ending.

Outside of the fandom, he considers himself to be a jack of all trades but master of none. He is extremely ambitious and is interested in everything from voice acting and writing to web design, video game design, video making, and psychology/philosophy.

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