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Luprand is a furry artist, musician, and writer.


Born and raised in Geauga County, Ohio, USA, Luprand grew up as the youngest child of a dentist and an aspiring teacher. Thirteen years of public school and music lessons later, he moved to Utah to attend college at Brigham Young University.

Currently, he's a graphic designer, mostly putting together fliers and the occasional small web page. He continues to write in his spare time, occasionally putting out a comic or two. Thanks to those childhood lessons, he still plays piano on occasion and sings somewhere around the baritone range. He has also been persuaded to pick up a saxophone or bassoon now and then, and sometimes works out arrangements on his trusty MIDI sequencer.

He spends some time as a medieval reenactor, including making period outfits, singing, and playing recorder and krumhorn.

Fandom involvement[edit]


Luprande posts on deviantART and Fur Affinity, among other places, and his former projects include the NeTrek and Torio webcomics as well as a webcomic review blog,


His main fursona is a German Shepherd mix named Derek Luprand. Other fursonae include a shiny Umbreon nicknamed Lurid, a tiger-raccoon alchemical hybrid named Fess Sable, and a superpowered wolf-like alien named Pyro Wolf.

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