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Lupinia is somewhat of a personal trademark for Natasha Softpaw, and is used in multiple contexts. The term originated as both the setting and the title for a furry story series she started, focusing on a society of anthropomorphic canines (mostly wolves, hence the name) living in present-day Virginia/West Virginia, secretly existing alongside human society. The series is currently on an extended hiatus, but may return in the near future.

Lupinia's current internet presence consists of two main sites/divisions, Lupinia Studios and Lupinia Hosting Community, operating as one identity.

Lupinia Studios[edit]

Lupinia Studios
Author(s) Natasha Softpaw
Status Irregular/Monthly
Launch date August 2004
End date Present
Genre General Portfolio/Personal Site

Lupinia Studios is Natasha's personal portfolio, and is the original site to carry the Lupinia name. Aside from a brief experiment with running a CMS in early 2006, the site has had the same basic appearance and structure since its creation in August 2004. In addition to sections to showcase Natasha's writing, graphic design, and photography, the site itself is a demonstration and test-bed for her web design and PHP projects.