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Lupinia Hosting Community
Author(s) Natasha Softpaw, LilPup, FoxCub
Launch date August 2004
End date August 2014
Genre Non-Profit Hosting Provider

Lupinia Hosting Community is a non-profit community-based hosting provider. Lupinia Hosting is run by a three-person team consisting of Natasha Softpaw, LilPup, and FoxCub, and owns a co-located server (with plans to add more). In January 2014, Natasha announced that web hosting operations would cease on August 1, 2014.

Mission and services[edit]

Lupinia Hosting Community's mission is to provide high-quality ad-free website and email hosting to sites that would have a hard time supporting themselves otherwise. Because of this goal, Lupinia enforces a strict no-advertising policy on sites it hosts; member sites are allowed to advertise themselves on outside sites without restriction, but they are prohibited from selling ad space themselves, or using third-party advertising systems like Google Ads.

Lupinia typically caters to furry websites, particularly forums and artists' home pages. But, it hosts a selection of non-furry sites as well, including small businesses and independant professionals.

Funding for the service is primarily provided by Natasha's personal funds, and augmented by donations (though, she hopes that this trend will reverse at some point in the future).

Hosted sites[edit]

Some of the hosted sites include:

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