Lunestar Aesther

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Lunestar Wayne Aesther (born September 23, 1989) is a male otter from Many, Louisiana, U.S.A.


Lunestar is five-foot seven inches tall, and weighs one hundred and ninety-two pounds. He has sleek brown fur, and, although he is noticably chubby, is positively adorable. He has dark red eyes, which are alluring yet creepy, and messy, shoulder-length red hair

When dressed, Lunestar wears a black t-shirt with an orange button-up shirt over it. The button-up shirt is unbuttoned, revealing the Wayne's World logo on the t-shirt. He also wears blue jeans, which are slightly ripped to give him a rocker look. When in just his underwear, he wears a diaper of a random color, and when naked he looks like any other nude otter, except that he is chubbier.

Fursona backstory[edit]

Throughout his life, Lunestar has been passionate about trends, and what is new. At the age of three, he learned about music, art, and literature, which he happily pursued. Eventually, at the age of seven, he had became a professional litterateur, but never managed to become good at music and art.

At ten years of age, Lunestar met his best friend, Garth Louis, a dalmatian who, at the time, was twelve years old. The two of them got along better than anyone else in their school, and, as they grew older, their interest in current trends grew, and they became huge fans of the movie Wayne's World. Watching this movie increased their interest in pop culture, and from it they picked up some trends and quotes.

At the age of seventeen, Lunestar started his own public access show called "Lunestar's World", in reference to Wayne's World. He played the role of Wayne, and Garth played the role of Garth. They kept up the show for two years, finally ending it after Lunestar and Garth failed to raise enough money to save Public Access Television in Many. Now, in the present-day, Lunestar and Garth merely hang out at the local arcade, playing old games, at the local cafe, eating good food, or at Lunestar's house, surfing the net.


Even though he does not appear or act it, Lunestar is rather homosexual, and had been in relationships with a few males. As of June, 2009, he is mated and engaged to Zackwell Dorian Aesther.

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