Lumpy the Squirrel

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Lumpy was a squirrel who hung out in West Corner of The Park on FurryMUCK in the early-to-mid 1990s. He became famous due to some of his habits, which annoyed and amused many players. He frequently engaged in sarcastic commentary, urinating in places one would normally not urinate (for instance, the pond), smelling the park randomly, and having clever triggers in his client to respond to certain events.

His best known trigger was the "pee" trigger; whenever "pee" was spoofed, he would react as follows:

( pee )
Lumpy giggles at the spoofer!
( pee )
Lumpy sighs at the brainless spoofer

He was eventually toaded in late 1995. Precise reasons are unknown, but most players suspect it was because his behavior got excessively annoying. The park pool was thoroughly cleaned afterwards.

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