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ToonPimp, a Bunnicula
Web NC-17

ToonPimp (also known as lukeshoot, bimson, and Hobart Starr) is a Hentai/furry animator and artist specializing in porn games/interactive adult media, erotic art, and webcomics. He works primarily in a "toony" or "comic" style, hence the name. His body of work includes numerous games in Adobe Flash format (.swf), including The Curse of Cracklevania[1], Run Minerva Run 1[2] and 2,[3], Pepe Le Rapiste[4], and Fifi's Fury[5] among other Flash media. Most of these interactive sex games are based on fighting-style games, complete with accompanying platformer movement controls, often containing concepts like armor that breaks away, and have erotic theming to them that involves nudity, explicit genitalia, and/or explicit sex acts. Much of ToonPimp's art gallery thus far has focused on fetishizing well known Disney and Warner Bros. cartoon characters, but are not limited to only those properties, having gone as far as to make interactive artpieces for less-discussed characters, such as Argit from Ben 10: Alien Force, and Socrates the Bobcat from Adventures from the Book of Virtues, for example.


ToonPimp draws an ongoing erotic comic (on hiatus as of 2023), Nogo, an erotic spoof of "Pogo". With the changed landscape of reactions to cub porn, and most websites outright banning it, it's unclear whether such works of his like Nogo can be posted in places that aren't Inkbunny or his own site, being that characters similar to Nogo are usually based off an undetermined but questionable-looking age. He has also created several games of varying complexity over the last two decades, even helping to originally spawn the Furry Adult game genre, Run or Rape.

His most ambitious project to date had been The Uptown Brothel. This game is vaguely similar to High Tail Hall and The Tail Underground in having several rooms and different characters to interact with, but done in Toon Pimp's own style, involving erotica and humor. The present version of the game -- available at Toonpimp's Palace and at adflashtoons -- no longer offers "full interaction" (explicit sex) with any of the characters, but there were previous versions that allowed it.

He published fewer works in 2008 than in previous years but became active once more, starting in 2010. According to notes on his website and in his Yahoo! group, this was because he was looking for a way to get paid for his artwork, rather than simply give it away to the furry fandom at large for free. So as of 2018, he's set up two Patreons: Ultimate RoR, and Podophiliac Game Union for Run or Rape games and interactive furry foot fetish material respectively. Where Run or Rape games are concerned, with the dismissal and retirement of Adobe Flash, Toon Pimp has moved to mainly art, comics, Flash objects involving AS3 code (being exported as .exe), and MUGEN (Toon Pimp's Fight Palace).

Run or Rape[edit]

Run or Rape games involve fictional characters trying to get somewhere without being "raped" by various monsters/furries encountered. According to TP, the rape in his games is desired to a small extent by his characters, and thusly semi-consensual. Enemies must be defeated via combat -- or in some cases ran away from until circumstances are more favorable to fight a particular enemy. If you get raped too often, you 'die'. Most of Toon Pimp's Run or Rape games involve female lead characters, but The Curse of Cracklevania contains a character who changes gender from time to time.

More recent works[edit]


  • Toon Pimp's Fight Palace (An ode to old fighters with some toony character quirks, Fight Palace is a lewd MUGEN fighting game, offering brisk high combo-potential gameplay first, and sexual intercourse second. Sexualized victim animations in the game are not compatible with outside fighters such as Minotaur, Kuromaru, etc, and aren't its main focus, although UlChamEd does have combatants extrinsic to the project)
  • Showtime Rhonda: Sex on Stage/Jenny's Showtime (Run or Rape action with a horny crowd that watches Rhonda fight through an adult themed stageplay w/ various lewd acts)
  • Pepe Le Rapiste ver. 3 (Pepe le Pew rapes various recognizable toons and commissioned characters, hindered by the stink he gives off, and aided by several power-ups)
  • The Curse of Cracklevania/Off Canon (Run or Rape platformers spoofing Castlevania)
  • Invasion of Nucleus 9- Starring Sheena and Tina (Erotic Contra-like with two foxladies out to stop the titular Nucleus 9 from galaxy-wide domination)

Works in progress[edit]

(as of Apr, 2023) include:

  • A few comics
  • Toon Pimp's Fight Palace (ver 0.995/Ultimate Champeenship Hyperphunk XXX-tended Edition released through the Toon Pimp's Fight Palace Patreon.)
  • Showtime Rhonda: Sex on Stage/Jenny's Showtime (Run or Rape titles starring TP's characters Rhonda, and a cub, Jenny, respectively. They must rescue their girlfriend/boyfriend from the evil paws of Lord Ledd!)
  • Streets of Gape II (Erotic Beatem Up game- a full-modification of Streets of Rage 2 for Sega Genesis.)


His games to date are available on a variety of websites, including FurAffinity, Inkbunny, Newgrounds, and his own site.


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