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Photograph of LuckyLiolf at his first meet in fursuit.
LuckyLiolf (born June 16, 1992) is a furry who lives in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England.


Lucky, LuckyLiolf's first fursona from 2011. Art by Dhe
Lucky in his Cockatoo form. Art by SpeccyChicken.

Creation of Lucky[edit]

Lucky joined the furry fandom in 2009. Before his time as Lucky, his fursona was a wolf named Puppy. Around 2012, the same time he created his current FurAffinity account, Lucky ceased being Puppy and created his current Liolf character.

Sometime in 2019, Lucky also revealed another fursona, a Citron-Crested Cockatoo that also goes by the name of Lucky.[1]

Description of Lucky's Fursonas[edit]

Lucky's fursona is a white Liolf (lion-wolf hybrid) with blue eyes, black paw-pads and nose, and no other distinguishing features. Some photos show him wearing a blue bow in his mane. As a hybrid, he shares the mane, tail and large paws of a lion with the body shape, face structure and ears of a wolf.

He has a second fursona, a Citron-Crested Cockatoo, also named Lucky. As with his main fursona, the Cockatoo form has white feathers, save for a blue beak and red cheeks. His crest is a light blue, however his profile states that despite being a Citron-Crested Cockatoo, he dyes his crest to confuse people. [2]


His FurAffinity refers to his many interests, including Airsoft, gaming, reading and playing Pokemon GO.

Lucky occasionally refers to himself as the 'Wispa Slut', referring to his adoration of the British aerated chocolate confectionery of the same name.


LuckyLiolf's fursuit was created by Kerijiano of Snow Gryphon Suits.

The suit debuted in 2015. [3]


He is a member of the registration team at Furcation, a furry holiday event in the UK.

He banters infrequently with the Twitter accounts of Furcation, referring to his enjoyment of Earl Grey tea with milk.[4]


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