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Lucky, as drawn by herself

SuperSkyMAX90, formerly known as LuckyFluff20XX, Lucky The Ranuki, Lillyluck1990, Supernova-Skymancer, Crystal Mae Franks and CrystalMae1990,[1] is an artist and YouTuber from the United States

Fandom involvemnent[edit]

In June 2, 2021, SuperSkyMAX90 wrote a Fur Affinity journal about claiming to be a pedophile. As a result, all of her Fur Affinity accounts were permanently banned. She wrote this "confession" in order to stop people[who?] from Kiwi Farms from archiving any of her sites online.[clarify]


Lucky's main fursona is a pink and purple raccoon/tanuki hybrid with the same name.

Formerly, she played several other characters, such as a tanuki/rabbit hybrid, named Crystal, a red panda named Yurobi, a pixie, a cat-like fairy named Cybelle Fuwaya (later known as Twinkle Belle), a dragon named Crystal Tatsuya (later known as Alliya Tatsuya), and a white chinchilla named Nova.

Prior to changing her species, Nova was originally a winged, fairy extraterrestrial. In the past, in the battle Crystal uses her attacks by throwing false teeth caused by spinach, and a bologna sausage, preferring melee combat to long-range She also has magical powers, so she uses her abilities to make victims inflate or vomit. The cat character is rarely drawn in an alternative form which sports white armor (actually a white Battle Suit from Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden), and shoes.

Her other characters are Kris The Mew (her Pokémon fan character), Omiya-Chan (a cat), and Matia the Rabbit (her old rabbit fursona who later became her Sonic OC).


In 2015, she was accused on DeviantArt by some users[who?] of being a pedophile[citation needed] because she drew some images of fictional children either pregnant or inflated, and in 2020[citation needed] for defending a user named NuggetTheBalloonGirl, who is also known for drawing inflated children.


LuckyFluff20XX is primarily known for her cute, clean artwork, although since 2018 she has drawn draw mature and even adult art. Her images generally feature either furry characters, or characters of mammalian nature, possibly inspired by Pokémon and/or Kirby characters.


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