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Lucius Appaloosius (in full William Lucius Appaloosius Steinmayer; born October 4)[1] is a furry and fantasy artist who lives in the United States.[2] His fursona is a centaur.


Lucius' first exposure to the genre of anthropomorphic animals was through movies and Saturday morning television.[3] In the early 1970s, he accidentally encountered a copy of Volume 1, Issue 92 of Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane, in which Lois was turned into a centaur. At that point, his pre-pubescent mind was instantly warped, leaving him an incurable centaurophile.

For many years, Lucius drew and painted only to amuse himself. Only when he finally overcame his "rather Luddite prejudices", and went online, did he really discover the furry fandom and reach a wider audience.


Lucius' artwork has featured on covers of Anthro magazine.[4] (Issue numbers 2 (Nov/Dec 2005), 8 (Nov/Dec 2006), and 20 (Nov/Dec 2008).)


In addition to creating artwork, Lucius acts with a local theatre company and performs, on certain occasions, at a major tourist attraction where he works.[3] He can play several musical instruments.

Lucius won third place in the Masquerade at FurFright 2007.[5]


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