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Luc Artagus was created in 1995 by Ken Redtail originally as a human, but eventually became an anthropomorphic tomcat. Luc's full name in the Roman naming tradition is Lucanus Antonius Artagus Sicorus Britannius Draconus Titallandius Victor. The character has its origins in the now defunct Ayenee on Yahoo under the identity ImmortalRoman. Several short stories have also been written about Luc, mostly Highlander fanfics. The character itself was based off of the continuity of the Highlander movie/TV series. Luc is Immortal, unable to die unless his head is separated from his body. He is also able to heal any wound short of an actual severed body part. Luc was roughly 2000 years old and lived strictly according to the Highlander Game. After falling away from roleplay, Ken later adjusted Luc to fit in more with the furry fandom, giving him a furry form as a tomcat. The form is highly symbolic of Luc's womanizing ways and chauvinism. Luc has been portrayed physically and visually as resembling Liam Neeson and Samuel Le Bihan.

Character History[edit]

In both human and feline continuities, Luc was born as Lecii Artigatimax in southeastern Gaul (now France) shortly before the time of the birth of Jesus Christ when Julius Caesar was campaigning in his famous Gallic Wars. Killed by a Roman spear, Luc was reborn as an Immortal and taken into slavery. With the help of his teacher Caedo Equs, another Immortal, Luc worked his way to becoming a free man and citizen and joined the Roman army. A few hundred years later, Luc defected from the empire for the love of a woman. Over the next millenia, Luc drifted from place to place, job to job, identity to identity, finally leaving Earth Realm and settling in the magical land of Ayenee. He has been a soldier, a poet, a taxidermist, a printer, a blacksmith, a sculptor, a painter, a businessman and a vintner. He has been married 9 times. Thanks to the magical properties of Ayenee, he is able to have children and has had a few dozen, mostly girls. Luc is also a novice water mage. Luc has a magical sword named Destiny. The sword itself is in the shape of a Roman gladius and has unknown origins. Portions of the blade itself are made of a foreign substance known as Astral Silver. This strengthens the blade to unbreakable strength and also allows him to open a dimensional portal. The pommel of the sword is also inset with a sapphire and a lapis lazuli stone. The lapis is a soul gem, able to trap Luc's soul if while his body was in death, someone tried to steal his soul. The sapphire is a chronal gem that permits the wielder of the blade to travel back into time to view events of Luc's life. The sword has been known by many other names in its history, such as Caladbolg and ex Qalibr.


Luc suffers from dissociative identity disorder, having two dominant personalities: Luc and Sicorus (more commonly known as Slayer), Luc being the more dominant personality. Slayer is the result of the severe trauma of the loss of his home, subsequent enslavement, and his Immortality that was so great, his defense mechanism separated different aspects of his personality in order to deal with the physical and emotional pain. Eventually, the Slayer arose, embodying his repressed anger and other darker emotions. The name itself arose from Luc's campaigns in Judea where his methods were so brutal and twisted and genocidal that his troops would refer to him as Artagus the Slayer. The nickname stuck as Luc used the name to instill even greater fear. Eventually Luc reasserted his control over the Slayer personality with the help of another Immortal Paul. Slayer would surface occasionally, but nothing major until the death of his best friend Kana Reijin. The trauma of the event was enough to bring Slayer back into full force and only with the help of Luc's daughter Trista and others that Luc was able to regain shaky control over his darker half. This was only shortlived when his wife Vivian was murdered in an equal fashion. Luc suffered a complete mental breakdown and became the Slayer fulltime. It was finally decided by a demon mystic that the best way to deal with this was to divide the two beings into separate bodies. And so Luc and Slayer were magically split into separate bodies. At first, both were the extreme personalities, but as their minds began to heal the missing pieces left by the divide, Slayer became more gentle and Luc regained his darker side. The Slayer clone was eventually killed and Luc went into hiding shortly thereafter.