Loyalty and Liberty

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Loyalty and Liberty
Author(s) Redcoatcat
Update schedule Weekly
Launch date December, 28, 2007
Genre Historical, Anthropomorphic/furry , Educational
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Loyalty and Liberty is an Educational Graphic Novel. About 18th century life, conflicts before, with in and the aftermath of the American War of Independence.

Educational Goals[edit]

American Revolution affected a lot more countries then what history often teaches or focuses on, which is why there is no core cast in Loyalty & Liberty but an anthology of short stories.

There are recurring characters throughout the war and various stories but they are not the focus. The focus is on historical events and 18th century life as opposed to a set cast. They are for only showing the cast of characters social class, viewpoint and political stances.

The Artwork[edit]

People are only illustrated as cats, not written, as they are only metaphorical cats after all. Showing a subject matter though this way is not new, there have been other graphic novels and storybooks using animals in symbolic ways, though often had many different species to represent cultures, ethnicity, social class, etc.

Cat breeds are used by region to show in a symbolic way the growing differences between the Colonies and Europe. American breeds are used for those born in America; those born in Europe are European breeds.


  • First story arc is focused on The Powder Alarm a relatively unknown incident in American History that mostly concerns Loyalist in Massachusetts Bay Colony in September of 1774.

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