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Loyalfurs on Fur Affinity was started April 23rd, 2010.[1] The Loyalfurs profile states:[1]

Group rules:

- If you have a mate, you don't cheat on them (defined as having any form of sexual contact with anyone else in real life)
- Online yiff with people outside your relationship is discouraged but OK as long as both mates agree
- Those who are in open relationships may not join Loyalfurs
- Put your mate above everyone and everything and love them more than anyone or anything
- If not mated, your goal is to find a monogamous relationship
- You are not single with the intent of having sex outside of a relationship


The profile also states, "Please watch ONLY if you are a monogamous fur". Loyalfurs is watched by 697 accounts as of January 15, 2012.[1]


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