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Louve, also known as Luve (in full Luve Vexzeklium)[1], Louvelex, or Trufflehog, (born April 21, 1987)[2] is a furry artist and fursuiter who lives in Providence, Rhode Island, USA.[3] Her fursona is a female pig named Thistle, often seen with a red scarf. She also appears with white tribal markings and a wild pig mask.

Louve is an illustrator who graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design. She draws anthromorphic animals and does commissions of people's characters. Her art is similar to the style of Beatrix Potter, as seen by the way she draws animal characters in clothing.

Louve's fursuit, Thistle the Boar, was constructed by Sophie Cabra.[4]

Louve was a Guest of Honor at FurFright 2010 and Furry Weekend Atlanta 2014.[5]


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