Lost the Lead

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Lost The Lead
Lost the lead.jpg
Author(s) Pinkuh (Kelli Davis)
Update schedule Lost to the annals of time
Launch date December 2005
End Date 2007
Genre Gaming, Halo

Lost the Lead was a webcomic that started in December of 2005, with all parts of the story and art done by Kelli Davis, a.k.a. Pinkuh.

Lost the Lead was a furry gaming webcomic featuring Pinkuh as the main character, as well as her real-life and furry beau, Aros, along with other friends in her life.

It used to be updated weekly, but as Pinkuh's life has gotten more and more hectic, the updates have become more and more sporadic. The last new update was January 30th, 2007.

The comic no longer exists on it's own webspace.

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