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Furres congregate at the edge of Lost Lake

Lost Lake is a popular role playing setting in Furcadia, and was originally created by Drax for Alexsi, with the assistance of many of her friends. Set in the Renaissance period, Lost Lake is oriented towards socializing and persona play. The entrance to Lost Lake can be found in Allegria Island, to the south-west of the Silver Showcase, just outside the entrance of the building.

The Lost Lake Charter describes the setting of the dream as: "Lost Lake is a village set in the high mountains next to a lake. The magical waters of the lake purify and heal the inhabitants. The naturally pure waters are rich with healing magic. Most of the action occurs in the bar and around the pool. A very calm and restful place which welcomes all who mean no harm."

Lost Lake inspired the locale in DMFA where a great deal of the comic's activity takes place, and its popularity has been greatly expanded as a result of this exposure.

After Alexsi's passing in 2004, Lost Lake was nominated to be preserved as a permanent map in Furcadia as a tribute and shrine.

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