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Wendy dreams of herself and five “wild cubs”

Lost Girls is an erotic graphic novel series that is partially a sexual re-interpretation of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Peter Pan and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The Lost Girls novels are written by Alan Moore and drawn by Melinda Gebbie.

Lost Girls has some content of interest to furries.

In book 2, Wendy Darling finds Peter and meets the Lost Boys. Later that night, Wendy has a erotic dream where she imagines the Lost Boys as “wild cubs”.[1] The “wild cubs” are depicted as mostly furry but with human faces and with 2 arms and 2 legs. The cubs are of different species: a fox, one looks like a bear cub, one looks like a hare, one is probably a feline with white fur with light brown spots and the smallest “cub” is probably a white and orange cat.[2]

Pink and red anthro cat hallucinated by Alice.

Also in book 2, Alice Fairchild drinks tea “prepared with hemp” and starts to hallucinate. She hallucinates a (mad) hatter's tea party including an anthropomorphic female cat with pink and red-colored fur.[3]

The Cowardly Lion[edit]

In book 2, there is a human male farm worker that Dorothy Gale zoomorphizes in various ways. She:

  • said “he'd growl”
  • said he was “all bark with no bite”
  • compares him with “any big dumb animal”.
  • refers to his mouth as a “muzzle”
  • said his panting was like a hound's.
  • said he was bear-like in size
  • said his “rough tongue lapped the whole saucer-full of dream” (like a house cat?)
  • said he whimpered.
  • compared rewarding him with giving treats to big cats at circuses.
  • said compares their musk to being like that of “some animal”
  • imagines him with “fur” on his chest, “paws”, a “mane”
  • says he made him tame and “brave” (brave being a reference to The Cowardly Lion's quest for courage in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz)[4]

The zoomorphization reaches a peak where he is depicted as a mostly zoomorphic lion.[5] On the next page she describes a sound he makes as a “roar” [6]

Possible anthro content[edit]

Harold Potter is holding a copy of an erotic art book (Monsieur Rougeur's White Book) and one of the males in the book might be a faun.[7]


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