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Pawprint lake at Lost Furest, welcoming visitors.

Lost Furest is an area in Second Life. Home to the Lost Furest Creatures furry avatars, founded by Cheetah Kitty. This island sim is "Mature" rated.


As of 2008, LFC has gained more avatar creators. In 2007, the Lost Furest redesigned their look to set focus on the avatars they sell. The name actually represents the act of being at rest or as we call it "Fur-Rest". When visiting you will find LFC avatars in the center tree, then surrounding it would be the 4 seasons of spring, summer, fall, and winter.

    • The (new new) Lost Furest
      Recently got it's own sim named The Lost Furest, and the new region has gone under another redesign. The four season theme has been kept, however the tree is no longer located at the center of the region. In addition the sandbox area have been redesigned with a beach theme.
    • Near the "summer" section there's a dance platform, with live DJ session every week.
    • A mature themed club named "Cloud 9" is also on this sim, located high above ground (and won't show up on maps). Lost Ferals is another branch of the LFC avatar line which focuses on feral animals.
    • Two regions are exclusively open to Lost Feral avatar owners, added around July 2008.
  • Awarded Developer's Incentive awards three times by Linden Lab and has recently become a heavy traffic area, earning the islands name in the top 20 most popular places often.

Collecting donations for Island upkeep fees is a popular activity on islands, furry or otherwise.

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