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Kyroraz (born July, 1973) is a fursuiter, furry artist, and furry writer who lives in Mountain View, California, United States.[1] Although he has several personas (most notably a raccoon named Lormyr, a kangaroo named Rocko, and a latex jackal named Boot), his flagship persona is a green lizard named Kyroraz.[1]

Lormyr is also Kyroraz's fursuit character. The costume was built by P Pardus and debuted at Further Confusion 2008.[2] He is also launching his red reptile character, Rulinian, at Furfright 2013.

That Pragmatic Lizard[edit]

He plays a character called That Pragmatic Lizard. With this character, he livestreams several times a week on livestream but has a stream from his own website He does art live and conducts a show and is well know for latex and plastic army characters, but he is known for his self-deprecating humor, horrible music that tests the audience's patience, and being generally jovial to his hapless victims who are being drawn. He is constantly challenged to rise above and beyond his abilities by Endium and Ravensflock.

His Executive Assistant is Casanova, a yellow lizard.

The show typically runs between 7pm-8pm till about 2am Pacific Time. The show is done live out of his studio in Mountain View, CA. He always almost takes Monday's off.

Director Duties[edit]

At FurFright 2007, Kyroraz was Movie Morgue/Video Programming Director.[3] Although the Movie Morgue was on hiatus for FurFright 2008, it is planned to be in action again in 2009 with Kyroraz at the helm.

At his work place, he is known for inflicting Bad Movies upon his co-workers weekly, and encouraging attendance by ordering considerable quantities of food for his audience. He is a source of knowledge on movies and has an extensive collection of shorts from 1950 to 1970, most of them educational.


Kyroraz assisted with the Second Life panel at Further Confusion 2009 and was one of the non-Lindens to speak and talk with newbies about Second Life.

Shye and ShyeMUSH[edit]

Since 1994, Kyroraz has been working on a science fiction universe known as Shye. It has a detailed history, storyline, and design that spans the years that he has worked on it. It also exists as a online game (MUSH) as ShyeMUSH. He has worked on Firebrat (still in alpha development) as a web-browser based space game set in the Shye universe -- but it is down now. The game had many contributors, including Felixpath and Ristin.

Second Life[edit]

Kyroraz is Lormyr Daviau on Second Life and runs an RP area called Black Gazza, a prison space station that transfers inmates from jail to jail (and keeps a hold of them for a while too).


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