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Lordferalina12, also known as Lord Feralina, Feralina Evanesca or Fera for short, is a furry artist and designer from the Philippines.

Fandom activities[edit]


Lordferalina12 has three main fursonas:

  • Feralina Evanesca: a young, short, slim and crossdressing cougar boy who always has a cheerful, innocent, shy and energetic personality. He possess three powers: Water, Ice, and Psychic/Telekinesis. He is the only character who has an ability to fly, has a unique fighting style, and can perform acrobatics, he has an ability to fly as well.
  • Cagil Polaris: a tall, muscular, snow leopard who is kind-hearted, brave, caring, and fearless. He is a wrestler who never gives up, and protects his beloved young boy Feralina and his friends. His powers are same as Feralina's, but he also has an ability to jump higher and can leap onto any surrounding objects, such as trees and buildings. He possesses superhuman strength and can lift big or heavy objects without pain.
  • Setsuna Sonoko: a semi-athletic and lean cat who has been trained as a shinobi. As a shinobi, he is mysterious, and he somewhat energetic. He wanders around wearing a fundoshi. He is the only character who only wear a traditional type of underwear, but he occasionally wears some type of civilian clothing, such as pants, trousers, or shorts. His special powers are lightning and invisibility, and superhuman speed.

Alternate Fursona

  • Ferdinand Evanesca: the Manly form or alter ego of Feralina which his appearance is almost similar but his manly form he's very tall and muscular, also somewhat energetic, trained as a ninja, he's also secretive, determined, fearless and more braver than Feralina, just like Feralina he also has Water, ice and psychic powers, he also does acrobats, unlike Feralina: Ferdinand doesn't fly but instead he can perform leaps and huge jumps on any surroundings.


Lord Feralina is a young artist who lives on Philippines. He likes to show his artworks on most of his family, friends and loved ones however due to his behavior such as in school he is very normal,most of his classmates disliked him it was remain unknown that he was supposed to be angry if his classmates annoys and bullies him he dislikes some people who messes and makes fun of him, he usually go depressed and hurted from those, he cannot control his fear due to that he felt unprotected and fragile.

He likes to draw, dance, and listening music as well as browsing some ideas for his next drawing, he never experienced to go to furry conventions and met other furries who are his friends, he only wishes to meet them as soon as possible, he is better known for drawing his fursona in many different outfits as well as his other characters.

In August 8th, 2016 he had experienced to have his flight for the first time to Singapore with his mother to meet his elder sister who was pregnant, spent up to 1 week and 4 days there in Singapore while his sister was getting ready to give birth by caesarian from August 13th, while being there in Singapore, Lord Feralina was unlucky to have a chance to meet his fellow furry friends nearby in somewhere in Singapore since after spending 1 week and 4 days in Singapore he later returned back to Philippines.


Lordferalina12 likes to draw furries. He has been drawing them since 2012, but only draws cats. He uses bond paper, sketch pads, pencils, erasers, and colored pencils. He switched to digital art by drawing on his phone using a sketchbook app, and uses a universal stylus.

He is known for drawing unique outfits for his fursona. He uses his fursonas as models to wear outfits designed by himself, with his love of fashion. Most of his designs are based on anime, cartoons, movies and video games.


  • Lord Feralina is inspired in erotic contents which he decides to draw and design outfits with some revealing parts in every artworks his fursona Feralina Evanesca only wears girls' clothing.
  • His second fursona Cagil Polaris is a tall, muscular snow leopard he is always topless all the time and only wears jackets, vests, hoodies, and coats
  • His third fursona as Setsuna Sonoko he is slightly mysterious and energetic his wanders around wearing a fundoshi however he also wear few armored garments mostly on his legs, arms, shoulders, and chest, he is also barefoot as well
  • His art are all clean without showing matured explicit contents around it
  • His Favorite colors are Blue, gold, white and black
  • Aside from his 3 main fursonas he also introduced his other characters Harrison Williams the Liger, Czar Hanley the Bay Cat and Hydros Kitano the Jaguar.
  • The last name of his fursona "Evanesca" is actually from the original name "Evanesco", a Latin word for "vanish" or "disappear"
  • Most of the designs he drew are similarly based on most Vocaloids, he uses his fursonas as the models wear the outfit he designed.
  • some of his artwork had been stolen by Ryan Hill and probably turned in gross drawings (inherent scatophily). Feralina is not a scatophile, so an art named to Feralina Evanesca with scatophiliac references is to be considered apocrypha.

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