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Daniel Parsberg Renard is a Danish digital artist and cartoonist, who in his earlier days, went under the alias San Renard; an anthropomorphic fox character that he created, which he wishes to use, along with a large cast of other characters, for a fully, 2D animated series.
The name San Renard is a play, on Daniel's own name. His father would jokingly call him Daniel-San, based from the character movie Karate Kid. Daniel decided to keep the San from that, and since the funny coincidence, that Daniel's last name, would be Renard, which is the French word for Fox, it was then decided, what his character- and alias should be.
He does not consider himself a member of the furry fandom. While having mixed feelings about these, he does not harbour any antipathy for most furries.

Daniel Renard used to run a personal website with a small web comic, which reached only a mere total of seven pages, along with a little over 30 sub-additions to the comic title, as well countless of illustrations and fan art, before meeting an abrupt end.
Due a busy daily schedule, he found himself unable to update his web comic, at a frequent enough rate and decided to discontinue it entirely.

Much of his notoriety came from a pornographic VGCats fan comic he did entitled Along Comes Monday, which has since been (mostly) removed from circulation. No harm was meant in his creation of this comic and is considerably tame, while in the same ball-lane of VGCat's own level of innuendo, as seen in comic # 114 - That's saying a mouthful.
His original intention was to cause confusion and frustration, for the readers/fans of the VGCats comic, that he found disrespectful to the webcomic, as he would see them distribute the fresh, new comic updates, unauthorized, to image boards and forums, as a prank, he uploaded the notorious Along Comes Monday strip, one Monday morning, to watch how confusion started to grow, until it spiralled out of control, among the readers.
Unexpected to Daniel, was when Scott Ramsoomair, the author of VGCats himself, got involved, after a bombardment from his readers, inquiring if Scott himself had created the comic strip in question.
Not really proud of his actions, Daniel subsequently drew another fan comic, as an apology, that Scott Ramsoomair found quite amusing.[citation needed] He holds no grudge against Daniel for his original fan comic, as Scott himself has since, asked for the possibility of more fan- or fill-in comics (PG rated, of course), made by Daniel Renard.

Daniel Renard has pretty much given up his online presence, to focus on his work, as a digital artist and cartoonist.
In January 2010, he became self-employed and founded Daniel Renard - Digital Media; a company with intention of working solely with the digital media, such as Illustrations, Design and Animation.

His greatest ambition, is to become a recognized classic 2D Animation Movie Director for both cartoon series, as well full movie-length cartoons.

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