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Loganberry (born 1975) is a British furry writer. His full furry name is Loganberry Brekytennion, the second word being the Lapine translation of the first, but he rarely uses this. In fact, he often goes by the shortened form Logan.

Loganberry's fursona is a rabbit, specifically the European Rabbit, Oryctolagus cuniculus. His fur is grey-brown in colour, and he has blue eyes. Most commonly he uses a zoomorphic fursona, in the word's sense as the inverse of anthropomorphic, and initially this was always the case, but recently he has also used an anthro version of the same character.

Loganberry found furry in 2003 as a result of his interest in Watership Down, an interest which he had become serious about online in 2002 and which included writing an extension of the Lapine language used in the book. Indeed, his name itself is a nod towards Watership Down, in which most buck rabbits are named after plants. He remains active in the WD fandom, maintaining a website about it as well as acting as a moderator for a Yahoo! Group on the subject.

In 2003, only a few weeks after becoming an active fur, Loganberry wrote an essay, Rabbiting On - a personal view of furry, which attempted to explain furry as he saw it. He is by his own admission a poor furry artist, and so does very little drawing, but he feels much more at home with the written word and enjoys writing both prose and poetry, as well as a modest amount of photography.

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