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Smokepaw, also know by the character name of Logan Jacy, is a black wolf personification and in many ways the fantasy extension of his true-life creator. As such, he is often represented in that role as a firefighter through commissioned artwork and on-line presence, while the character also relates to a spiritual and ancestral connection to several Native American peoples as seen in other commissions. A strong supporter and collector of artwork in a wide array of types, he occasionally finds a sketchbook to muddle in between being passionate in riding sport motorcycles, traveling both domestically and internationally as time and finances permit, home brewing a private label of beer called Black Squirrel, being fascinated with researching and connecting with tribal and historical cultures, and intending to eventually take up such follies as primitive bow hunting, leather craft and buck-skinning.

He typically attends Further Confusion in San Jose in the role of staffing an artist's table in the Dealers Den and being an agent for artwork hung in the Art Auction. Artists he's assisted include Thornwolf, Vantid and Yelth.

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