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Lobowolf is a character on FurryMUCK.

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He is notable for being "inflatable" but only for rides up near the ceiling so a fur can view the graffiti of previous riders. One of his favorite riders was Athalon (the ferret) who took the majority of the inflato-woof rides along the ceiling of the Fenris Bar and Grill[1].

Unfortunately, due to RL and such, his character hasn't been on FurryMUCK much lately, but Lobowolf and his player continue to flourish on IRC and/or AIM, and at the occasional con. Lobowolf's player is now a certified greymuzzle, and has a house and a mortgage to attend to, which leaves him with considerably less free time to prowl about FurryMUCK causing mayhem and silliness. Lobowolf has a bachelor's degree in Zoology from the University of NH and continues to be enamored with wolves.

He used to have a website at http://www.lobowolf.org, but since his life seems quite dull in comparison to his friends, he decided that no website is better than one that never gets updated.

Source: Lobowolf's player.

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