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lllKato's fursona

lllKato (real name Ryan Mooney; born August 1, 1987) is a photographer who lives in New Castle, Pennsylvania, USA.[1] lllKato is engaged to Freya Fox.


lllKato holds a Bachelor of Arts in History and is currently seeking his Master's Degree at Youngstown State University. He studies the History of Science, and has written extensively on the topics of nuclear weaponry, safety, and the civilian nuclear power industry. lllKato is an accomplished photographer, having engaged in extensive freelance work shooting sports, weddings, wildlife and numerous events for the YSU History Department.


lllKato's fursona is a white lion with a black mane and red highlights. This coloration is derived from the color scheme of the Canon EF 70-200 f/2.8L IS II lens. The three silent, lower-case "L"s preceding his name are in reference to both claw marks and the number three, which holds personal significance to him.{{clarify}]

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