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Lizzimba is a furry artist who lives in the United Kingdom. His fursona is a lion.

He has a degree in animation and enjoys playing poker.


Lizzimba's draws ordinary character sketches, as well as artwork covering growth, shrinking, muscle growth, breast size change, and transformation. He also draws a webcomic, Matter, which reached 100 pages on September 6, 2012.


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Matter is a macro/micro comic written by Lizzimba. It follows the story of Ben, a lion, and Alex Mendazi, a wolf. Ben invents a functional enlargement ray and Ben and Alex use it on each other for fun. Fun turns horribly wrong when they realize they've kept growing beyond the small amount they wanted. They head back to Ben's lab and try to reverse the effects. They don't check the settings proper and Ben is shrunk down to a subatomic state. Alex must seek the help of their ex-friend, Cole Ranger, a husky. Things get hairy when the government gets involved. Ranger and Ben must work together to try and save Alex from whatever terrible fate is in store. There's suspense, romance and betrayal and the comic is still ongoing and has some spin-off comics in which Ben uses his ray on other furs. In the spin-offs, the ray is also a species changer and a gender swapping device.

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