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Lizkay (who also goes by the names Liz, Kay, Lizkala, Liz Azu-Kay.) is an artist who mainly creates digital art. Her favourite themes are anthropomorphic, fantasy, and Sci-fi. She works as graphic artist; she also works on books, commissions, comics and other art-related stuff besides her job. Gryphons are a part of her life because of her favourite animals: birds and cats.


Lizkay draws in a mixed up style, which means she doesn't really keep doing all in one style, instead jumping between comical and more realistic styles. About 90% of her art is digitally drawn or colored.

The fursona[edit]

Lizkay the character. Artwork created by the artist Lizkay.

Lizkay's fursona is an anthro-gryphon-like character, either winged or wingless. A gryphon is a hybrid creature, so her body looks like a mix of different animals, her legs, the tail and the bottom of her belly are lion-like, ochre fur color and a reddish tail tuft. The upper part of her body including her head, the arms and the wings are more bird/falcon like, her feathers and partial fur is in a reddish brown tone, her beak is black and yellow, her ears are long and pointy and look a bit like donkey ears. Lizkay's eye color is a dark auburn. She always wears a green headband where her longer hair wisps hang beyond it. She has distinctive fur/feather markings on both of her cheeks which look like a "C" facing inside to her beak.


There are various forms of this character, such as science-fiction and Lord of the Rings-inspired, depnding on which way she is used in roleplaying games. She is also part of the story called The TherpanIdols, where she is a wingless character aged 21.

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