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Caliban fursuit, built and worn by LizardToes at Furnal Equinox 2019.

LizardToes or Caliban Iguana (born May 11, 1992) is a Canadian furry artist and fursuit builder from Toronto, Ontario. He has been part of the fandom since 2003 and building fursuits since 2004, creating a small fursuit business in late 2014 named Frilled Lizard Studios. He has also attended Furnal Equinox since it's inception in 2010. He had previously gone by the name LoopSabertooth, but has since moved on from that identity.

Personal Life[edit]

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LizardToes' first fursuit, Kokori, created in 2004 and photographed in 2008.

LizardToes was born in Toronto and has lived there his entire life. Born female, he struggled with gender dysphoria from a very early age. In early 2003 he was victim of a traumatic life event and began to pull away from friends and family, becoming reclusive and spending most of his time online. In late October of the same year, he came across an online forum post (possibly LiveJournal) with a picture of a skunk fursuit. He learned about the furry fandom and very quickly became part of it. As of November that year he created his first fursona, a demon wolf with three tails named Kokori. In March 2004, with help from his mother, he created a partial fursuit of Kokori. A single photo of the suit exists, but was only posted in 2008 since he did not own a digital camera until then. Around 2008 he joined FurAffinity under the username LoopSabertooth. In 2009 he found out about Furnal Equinox on the Ontario Furries forum and attended the very first iteration in 2010 as his first furry convention. He has exclusively attended FE every year since.

In 2012, after struggling with his identity for most of his life and being formally diagnosed with anxiety, depression and gender dysphoria, LizardToes officially came out as a transgender man to his family. He is currently 5 years into hormone therapy and having his first major surgery in November 2019.


LizardToes has created a plethora of anthro characters over his years in the fandom, though he has only six that are actively used as of 2019:

  • Caliban; a stylized salmon eating marine iguana and his main fursona, created in late 2015.
  • Makellyn; a large buff Malamute that acted as his main fursona until Caliban was created.
  • Hazard; an energetic, clumsy dalmatian and LizardToes' secondary fursona.
  • Dare; a buff smilodon, often drawn macro.
  • Beau; a toon-styled skunk loosely based on the Warner Bros. cartoon style.
  • Starboy; a tall irish cob horse.


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Makellyn fursuit, built and worn by LizardToes at Furnal Equinox 2018. This is the 5th version of this fursuit.

LizardToes has built fursuits since 2004, but hadn't had a chance to show off his work publicly until Furnal Equinox 2010. In 2011 he started his first fursuit commission, a parytial for Horlequism husky. Over the following years, he would on-and-off make personal suits with a few commissions in between. His most known fursuits are his many versions of his character Makellyn due to him using said character for building practice. He continues to build fursuits and hopes to be opening for commissions again in 2020.


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