Living in Greytown

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Living in Greytown
Author(s) Dave Kelly
Update schedule Concluded
Launch date January 10, 2000
End Date January 10, 2002

Living in Greytown is a completed webcomic by Dave Kelly. It ran for exactly two years from January 10, 2000 to the same date in 2002. On January 10th, 2001 and thereafter, the strip was hand colored. The strip started as a silly and "gross-out" comic but quickly progressed to more weighty issues. It never completely lost its love of the bizarre, strange, and somewhat offensive. Characters were killed off with alarming frequency.

General plot and characters[edit]

Greytown is a city run by a minor devil named Phil. It is a place that people come to but (almost) never get out of. It isn't quite Hell (hence "Greytown"), but it is a prison run by a demon. The people in it try to live their lives as normally as possible. The strip contains anthropomorphic animals -- a common device -- but here their status with humans and "interbreeding" becomes a parallel for racism and other class hatred.

  • Phil is a demon with an inferiority complex. His status as "bad guy" slowly changes as the strip progresses.
  • Lizard is the only thoroughly good character in the comic. He doesn't even swear (although he came close once). He turns out to be a good husband and father. His adventures are furthered in the completed strip Lizard!.
  • Zoë is Lizard's girfriend and later wife. Sweet, sexy, and a little more worldly than her husband, she makes a good counter-balance for Lizard's nerdiness.
  • Lizzy is Zoë and Lizard's child.
  • Bea or "Bitch" as she often calls herself, is externally the angry lesbian, but has deep internal struggles and addictions. She meets her life partner, Dr. Almonds, at the hospital where her former lover has died. Bea's first interaction with her it to punch her in the face.

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